MULTIGEN is with you for the most accurate and fastest results

The patient samples taken from all around Turkey are studied at a speed that can compete with other laboratories in the world, and results are obtained. This saves time for initiating necessary treatments.


Reliable diagnosis supported by the most up to date analysis programs with experience based on hundreds of thousands of genetic diagnoses.


The first rapid genetic diagnosis service in the world, which is planned with the priority of the patient and can provide results in just days when necessary.


Detailed, comprehendible, online and in person genetic counseling for all prenatal, postnatal disorders and cancers.


Projects and joint research on genetic subjects, especially medical genetics, forensic genetics, molecular genetics and molecular biology.

Who Are We ?

Multigen Genetic Diseases Diagnosis Center, a medical genetic laboratory on an international scale, in which genetic diagnosis is done quickly, reliably and using the latest technology.

Our Mission

To provide diagnosis, analysis and consultancy services of genetic diseases, using the most up-to-date data, with the highest technology and quality standards, with an expert and experienced team, without sacrificing ethical rules, in a patient and speed-oriented manner. To become a global genetic diagnosis center providing services at international quality standards.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the national and international arena with our scientific studies, achievements and speed-oriented result system without compromising the basic values and scientificity. To be a “patient-oriented” institution by following patient requests and expectations. Minimizing possible mistakes with continuous improvement and optimization.